Cool Bar Card Games

Most people go to the local pub for a couple quick drinks, a laugh or maybe even to meet somebody. Sometimes for fun or to beat boredom, a deck of playing cards will come in handy. At times like these, a different kind of game is in order outside of a gambling game or solitaire. A great bar card game to kill some time is Kings. The game is pretty simple, so even your special or smashed friends should be able to keep up.

Kings Bar Card Game

The rules are as follows. The game can be moderately offensive, so you are forewarned. Shuffle the cards and deal like you would any other game. The player to the left flips his card and the table acts upon the result. Here is what the cards mean.

The two means you get to give out a drink to one of your friends.

The three is for me- take a big gulp of your beer.

The fours are for the wh*res. (excuse me ladies) Women have a sip of your beverage.

When you see a five- it's time to jive. Make up a dance step. The next person has to repeat your move and one. This goes on around the table until somebody fails. Then they get to booze.

The sixes is for the dickses. Gentlemen its your turn.

The sevens are for the thumbs. Get your thumb on the table ASAP. Loser drinks.

Eights are for I've never. Put three fingers in the air. Say something crazy you have never done, but you are pretty sure somebody else has. If you've done it, take one finger down and drink. This goes on until somebody has no fingers left. They get to buy a round.

Nine- means its time to make a rhyme. Make your best rap.

Tens mean snake eyes, oh my. If you make eye contact with anybody until the next 10 is dealt, they have to drink.

The jack is the game of categories. Pick a topic; it goes in a circle until somebody can't come up with a name. Then they drink.

The queen brings out questions. Ask the person next to you anything.

The king is for the huge cup in the middle of your table. Pour some beer into it. When the last king is given out, the lucky recipient need to chug.

Aces are the best. They are for your waterfall. Start drinking. The person next to you has to follow. They can't stop until you finish.

This bar card game may not be the most intelligent way to spend your time, but it will increase your blood alcohol content, if that's your goal. Have fun!

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