The Fun of Bar Bets: Make People Smile while You Win!

While many people think of casinos when the word "gambling" is mentioned, very few people actually consider the money that can be made at the bar when you're out drinking with your buddies. There are some pretty exciting bar bets that you really can't lose. Why not try them out?

Burning Fingertips

The first thing you can do is bet the guy at the end of the bar that you can rub your fingertips together hard enough to make them burn and smoke. To do it, just pull the striker off of a box of matches, put it in an ashtray, light it on fire and allow it to go out. Then, use your index fingertip to swipe up the brown residue left behind. Simply rub your fingers together to produce the "smoke" and collect! Just be sure to wash your hands afterward.

Water into Whiskey

Though it is more scientific than it is miraculous, it is possible to have your shot of whiskey defy the laws of gravity! These bar bets may be a bit tragic in that you're likely to spill a bit of your alcohol, but it's still worth the fun. To do this one, just fill one shot glass with whiskey and another with water. Use a playing card (or your driver's license) to cover the shot of water, and turn the whole thing upside down directly above the shot of whiskey. Then, carefully slide the card so that the two can start to combine only slightly. Since water is heavier than alcohol, it will flow into the bottom glass and force the whiskey into the upper one. Pretty neat, right?

There are plenty of other bar bets that you can pull off fairly simply, too. Some of them require some science and a deft hand, but others are simply clever and sure to put a smile on even the loser's face.