Learn the Basics in Pai Gow Poker Betting

Pai Gow Poker is a game variant. This card game integrates Chinese dominoes and poker. To win, barcardsgame.com player needs to be able to bring house edge down. Because of this, it is widely believed that mathematical skill is needed to win in this game.

As with any play variant, it is important to fully understand the betting patterns and rules. Players should have a firm grasp of the basics and how Pai Gow poker betting works. A good way to start learning how to play is to play free games. You will need to visit a site where free games are available and join tables to learn the rules of Pai Gow and other poker variants. Online poker directories such as www.freepoker4cash.com come highly recommended, especially if you're new to online poker, and has a variety of free poker websites to choose from.

Position is crucial in the game. Whenever possible, a player should use the banker position since the odds of winning is higher. But a player acting as the banker needs to be extra careful in doing so. A big bankroll is required to stay in this position.

As a banker, it is recommended for a player to bet high if he thinks he has a winning hand. The odds are more favorable if there is great ratio between player and banker bets. If he is not the banker, he should avoid betting big since he does not have the advantage.

A player needs to create and balance a 2-hand card and a 5-hand card to win the game. Focusing on either the 5-hand or the 2-hand and forgetting the other is not a good strategy. Balancing both hands is important in Pai Gow poker betting.

In dealing with two pairs, a player needs to be able to divide them wisely into two hands in order to bring house edge down in his favor. There are strategies on how to do this. Beginners are advised to try out in free play first to see what strategy would work for them.

Using a full house as a 5-hand card is not recommended in Pai Gow poker betting. While a full house is a favored hand in other strategy games, it is not the case in this play variant. The reason is that there would not be much leeway left to form the forward hand if a player chooses a full house for his upper hand.

If a player gets a hand with three pairs, a standard Pai Gow strategy used by good players is to use the highest pair in front.

For inexperienced players who get confused when dealing with a hard arrangement, it is best to follow the house way. This way, a player could automatically arrange his hand based on a system that a banker or dealer has set.